Thursday, November 29, 2007

You are crazy to miss this Sample Sale!

Don't do it! Don't miss out! Go to right now, and
check out Krelwear's amazing sample sale! I am not kidding you really
have to go NOW, because this sale expires Monday. So perfectly timed
to coordinate your fabulous holiday outfits, or buy that perfect gift. The
best things in life happen fast, so don't think about it just go!

While you are there you should also take some time to peruse
the new, and totally unique additions to the main Krelwear
store....they really are just delicious. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Check out DIY thing!

Don't forget, we have all taken the BUY HANDMADE pledge this year,
8,000 of us so far...if you haven't, click above NOW!

If you don't have time to make gifts for everyone on your list, DIY thing
is making it easy to shop handmade right here on the world wide web.
Check out what they have to say about us below, and then go check out
their holiday picks!

What and who is on your holiday list this year? Well today DIYthing brings you
holiday gift ideas
from Smashing Darling’s designers. Smashing Darling is the
place to shop handmade this season, you can find clothing, jewelry, accessories,
vintage, textiles and a whole lot more.

Happy Handmade shopping from MoDarling straight to you!

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Newsflash: Smashing Darling Gift e-cards!

Just in time for the Holidays, Gift Cards and Promo Codes

Tell everyone to look for this easy button on the homepage!

All online shoppers should know the two latest and greatest features on Smashing Darling to make holiday shopping a whole lot easier for all. The first is e-gift cards. These new additions to our site make it so easy to support our emerging community during this holiday season. It is paper free, so they are eco-friendly, and the giftee gets to choose from our growing number of designers (260!). There are 4 beautiful styles, and $25, $50, $100, $200 or $500 cards. Trust me, shopping just got a whole lot easier.

picture-5.png Click here for other Smashing news!

The second great feature is designer stores can now create discounts and give out the code for it. So all you die hard darling fans keep your eyes open because this one is like a treasure hunt. You will have to search your favorite blogs and magazines to see who is giving you the scoop on where the latest sale is, or who is giving the deal of a lifetime. I can tell you that one of our designers got a spot in the Seventeen Gift guide so be on the prowl for that. If In Style is your magazine of choice pay attention you just may see a smashing steal in there too. I won't say when. You will just have to keep checking.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

the good news #9

Welcome to #9

Maybe you just need a sexy top,

What’s Going On

Oh the darlings are thankful these days, aren’t you? There is so much to be thankful for, like friends. Speaking of which, did you catch the pics from the Polartec Challenge last week in NYC? Click here and take a peek at Trish and Julie enjoying the show. As I buzz around the web all day I also notice lots of indie holiday fairs to be thankful for. Go shop those (we’ll keep you updated in the blog and forums) and make an indie designer thankful too!

What’s New

It is 5pm and here I sit and type…yet in the dark, that is what is new, sigh.
Ahh, but it is just as well as the holiday season is upon us and there is much to do. So I am here to tell you - and I am sorry because I hate to be this girl - there are only 39 days left to get all of your **insert holiday here** shopping done. In order to lift your spirits, glance around this page and see all the lovely items to be found for you to make your entrance to holiday parties in style
. Dress yourself first, you’ll feel fabulous and rejuvenated and ready to buy goodies for everbody else! (Just remember to be aware of individual designer shipping policies when shopping for the holidays).

Maybe you just want to throw on a silky red dress

Or stand out in this candycane chevron at your holiday party

Coming Soon

Speaking of everybody else, there is always those few people who are so hard to figure out. With so many great choices here at Smashing Darling, why not just give them what they really want: a Smashing e-card! Buy it, input your joyous greeting, and it is sent straight to that persons email. No paper/plastic involved! Check out the sneak preview at the bottom of the page.The Recommend tool is also a great way to hint to people what you have on your wish list:
This silk nighty would be lovely to receive this holiday…

Smashing Kudos and tidbits

Call to designers looking to promote their Smashing Darling stores - Wickedly Chic has feature spots open…A bit of cheeky Pantyline Production love in the American Apparel Daily Update blog…be on the lookout for the red Valentini Gracie bag in the USA today Gift Guide November 28th…39 = your holiday shopping countdown…oh yeah, you already knew that…260 = the number of Smashing Darling sellers!

Give thanks, and Shop Indie

cheers! the Darlings

Cynthia Jones

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pre-print, and in process

via cameraphone

with Mickey at RISD

SMASH UP VI on sale now in the Student SMASH UP Store.

I love this shirt, I just want to put it on and go cause a ruckus. Our November SMASH UP student likes to draw, “antique, cliche monsters (like Cerberus) in a slightly less traditional, more tacky manner.” I like to think this three-headed dog is guarding and supporting all of our indie designers, and when you wear this rockin’ tee, you are too.

SPEED, is one of Michaela Zacchilli’s self-proclaimed, major selling points as a human being. Michaela, a.k.a Mickey, lives in Providence, RI and is a senior Printmaking major at Rhode Island School of Design. She draws comics and makes prints, for great justice, see more of her work on her website:

Check it out - the barcode is on the body of the big dog, and I am pretty sure that is the dog’s tongue that is sending you to I guess only Mickey can tell us! If it is up to me, I would say this puppy is giving you a smashing SMOOCH!

TEXTURE: For this one-size ¾ sleeve Alternative Apparel baseball tee (50% cotton, 50% poly light knit gauze) Mickey used a rainbow roll and then reprinted the same image in white on top, slightly offset, to spice things up. And spice things up she did, I love the slight scoop neck, don’t you all think Julie should model all of our girlie SMASH UP’s ?!

The student SMASH UP is an ongoing collaborative project between Smashing Darling and printmaking students from all over, you can find this limited edition SMASH UP and the past five in the Smashing Darling Student SMASH UP store.

Instead of arriving on the 10th of every month, we will deliver these to you the first Thursday of every month. In case you are new to this SMASHing routine, click on Subscribe right in the store and everytime we post a new student piece it will be delivered right to your email! You can also recommend a SMASH UP to a friend, leave Feedback, and click on the store Profile to learn more details about our project.

Go buy one now for you and cause your own ruckus; buy one for your gals too and all of you go cause a ruckus together, after all we could all use a little more power now and again! Get your groove on and give out sloppy smashingdarling kisses - share the indie love!

Have a great day ~ the Darling’s