Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SMASH UP V - Cloak and Dagger

Our friend Andrew

in action

printing SMASH UP

at Peregrine Press, Portland, Maine

SMASH UP V on sale now

If you ask printmaker, student, coach, and mixologist Andrew Jaspersohn, where the idea for SMASH UP V - Cloak and Dagger - came from his response may go something like this:

“I was raised in the mountains of Vermont by wolves obsessed with James Bond, who, after much pleading, finally taught me the art of Arnis, Filipino knife and stick fighting…”

Wait, did he mention that before or after those Bond-like Bijou Cocktails he whipped up for my volunteer photographer and I? Hmmm, I can’t remember….Well, okay, maybe he would just tell you that he is pretty much a James Bond (and maybe a comic superhero) geek, and this shirt may just be the first of a series of knife-fighters soon to be purchased in his own store right here on Smashing Darling. I can’t wait, because as you can see, this shirt ROCKS for all you boysand girlsout there.

It is super soft (cotton-poly-rayon blend) and the wide waistband and matching sleeve hem make it unisexily perfect.
Buy one for you and all of your friends, and then celebrate
If with a cocktail, see recipe at the bottom
…oh yeah, did I fail
to mention he makes his own bitters too?

Andrew started printing in college at Colby in Maine, apprenticed for a year at Vermont Studio Center in his hometown of Johnson, Vermont. He moved back to Maine a few years ago and was on the waiting list for Peregrine Press for a year and a half before being accepted. Now, when he isn’t working towards his Art Education certification at MECA, he can be found whipping up cocktails at BarLola, or printing away custom hoodies for friends at Peregrine Press.

You noticed that the design is printed on the lower-right, back corner of the shirt, right? If not you just aren’t paying attention! Regardless, you should really click here and check out the slideshow of Andrew’s print session at our Smashing Darling Flickr page. We had a lot of fun, and I was kidding, no cocktails were enjoyed during this shoot, just coffee…coffee a la bijou. While you are there, join our group and send us some pics of your indie influence, inspiration, or just your favorite indie style. Come play with us!

The bar code and logo makes it official, our SMASH UP V is here, only 48 limited editon pieces made, as always, and ready for the buying frenzy in our Smashing Darling store. Go buy yours today, these babies won’t last long!

Stay tuned for SMASH UP VI November 10th, and until then if you meet any student printmakers, send then my way, email!

Bijou Cocktail

1 1/2 oz gin

1/2 oz green chartreuse

1/2 oz sweet vermouth

1 dash Andrew’s orange bitters

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