Monday, October 15, 2007

the good news #8

What's Going On
Somehow that magical indian summer ended and it seems fall has really decided to arrive. Aaaahhh! What do I wear now? Must go shopping. Thankfully I don't have far to go, since we all know MALLS SUCK, Smashing Darling is here to help us all prepare for those chillier months, no matter where in the country you are. As soon as I feel that chill in the air the first thing I think of is that fabulous basket of scarves in the corner of my room that has been neglected all summer.

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Anne DePasquale
Hats, scarves, and bags, oh my!
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Willow Tree Vintage
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They are everywhere around the site. The best part is there is no guilt to buy more... accessories are necessary, they provide a keep you warm, dry, organized, and whatever else you tell yourself to rationalize! (If you need any help just let me know, I am quite good at it.)
That is not all that is going on though. We have free clothes just for you!
Yes, contests and giveaways, yipppeee! First, we are on the hunt for some serious menswear designers.

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(No t-shirts please...don't get us wrong, we love and welcome all screen printers for men,women and children, but for this contest we want menswear accessory and clothing designers.) We know you are secretly coveting them from us, but please share! The first 5 of you in our smashing community to get just one menswear designer to open a store will get your choice of one of the student SMASH UP garments from the Smashing Darling store. We have a fabulous community, so that shouldn't take too long.
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Thistle Downs
Second, keep your eyes on the blog, we will be giving things away weekly there...but that will be a surprise, we can't tell you everything! Designers, if you want to join in and donate giveaway items, just contact our lovely miss trish via email:
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Hello Fabulous
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What's New

This is my favorite news, by far. Now we can all go compliment each other with the feedback feature in each store. Anyone that is signed in can leave good words for their favorite designer even if they haven't shopped yet - so all of you out there can start leaving your mark. We all want to know what you think! Just one more way to really get to know your designers. Check it out

1 -2-3-4 C'mon baby say you love me! (sorry, had to be done) We're counting! If you are one of those designers, in your account go see how many people have stopped by in the last 7 days and how many have stopped by since we started counting about 2 weeks ago at the end of September. A great tool to test out those marketing stategies.

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Coming Soon
Just so all of those shoppers and bloggers don't feel left out, we have a treat (not a trick) coming for you soon too. How about some witches and goblins for you? Oops, sorry!
I mean badges and widgets, always getting those confused these days!
Soon, when you want to gush about us in your blog or website we will give you the tools you need to do so. We would love for you to help us spread the ghostly good word! You can be like Casper the friendly ghost...

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Anne DePasquale

Smashing Kudos and tidbits

Well, let's see, we are thrilled to have the Mighty Spork as a contributor in our blog, please help us welcome her with some mighty comments!... 235, what is that you ask? That tidbit of a number would be our designer count!.... Hmmm, how about a little love for us from Portland Picks, they think we are HOT! very cool....and congratulations to Julie Lake whose earrings were one of 10 best in the Stylehive blog last week!

So until next month, don't forget to accessorize, support the movement, and
and p.s. click that cursor top right to send this good news to a friend.
Happy Monday
~ the Darlings

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