Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pre-print, and in process

via cameraphone

with Mickey at RISD

SMASH UP VI on sale now in the Student SMASH UP Store.

I love this shirt, I just want to put it on and go cause a ruckus. Our November SMASH UP student likes to draw, “antique, cliche monsters (like Cerberus) in a slightly less traditional, more tacky manner.” I like to think this three-headed dog is guarding and supporting all of our indie designers, and when you wear this rockin’ tee, you are too.

SPEED, is one of Michaela Zacchilli’s self-proclaimed, major selling points as a human being. Michaela, a.k.a Mickey, lives in Providence, RI and is a senior Printmaking major at Rhode Island School of Design. She draws comics and makes prints, for great justice, see more of her work on her website:

Check it out - the barcode is on the body of the big dog, and I am pretty sure that is the dog’s tongue that is sending you to I guess only Mickey can tell us! If it is up to me, I would say this puppy is giving you a smashing SMOOCH!

TEXTURE: For this one-size ¾ sleeve Alternative Apparel baseball tee (50% cotton, 50% poly light knit gauze) Mickey used a rainbow roll and then reprinted the same image in white on top, slightly offset, to spice things up. And spice things up she did, I love the slight scoop neck, don’t you all think Julie should model all of our girlie SMASH UP’s ?!

The student SMASH UP is an ongoing collaborative project between Smashing Darling and printmaking students from all over, you can find this limited edition SMASH UP and the past five in the Smashing Darling Student SMASH UP store.

Instead of arriving on the 10th of every month, we will deliver these to you the first Thursday of every month. In case you are new to this SMASHing routine, click on Subscribe right in the store and everytime we post a new student piece it will be delivered right to your email! You can also recommend a SMASH UP to a friend, leave Feedback, and click on the store Profile to learn more details about our project.

Go buy one now for you and cause your own ruckus; buy one for your gals too and all of you go cause a ruckus together, after all we could all use a little more power now and again! Get your groove on and give out sloppy smashingdarling kisses - share the indie love!

Have a great day ~ the Darling’s

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